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PNW KIDS is a collective of Pacific Northwest Family explorers and travelers. We feature community-sourced outdoor adventures, activities and travel guides in Alaska, British Colombia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. At PNW Kids you will find adventure and travel reviews from parents, for parents with family travel in mind. 


Whether you're looking for the best kid-friendly hikes in Seattle, the best family-friendly swimming holes in Oregon, the best lakes in Idaho, or planning a trip to Alaska, we've got you covered! PNW Kids is your source when planning any kid-friendly adventures in our beautiful region. 


Are you interested in contributing an outdoor adventure to our community? Check out this page and make sure to follow us on Instagram


It all started when I took my three little kids on a "kid-friendly hike". After about a mile,  I looked over a massive cliff and thought " how is a 12-inch trail on the side of a massive sheer cliff kid-friendly?. We very carefully made our way down and abandoned the hike. 


Shortly after, I started "adventure sourcing" from Instagram and realized there are so many adventurous parents in the Pacific Northwest region. We all know the best spots in our area and wouldn't it be cool to share our collective wisdom? 


PNW Kids is a community of adventuring, wandering, and traveling families doing just that. Join us today and adventure further together. .  

~Kari ( mom of three little explorers )

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