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10 Super Easy Hikes in the Olympic National Park

Today we are counting down the top 10 easiest hikes in the Olympic National Park for kids ( or anyone whose looking for an easier trail). These trails are the PNW Kids community members favorit picks for best/easiest trails. We hope you love them as much as we do!

10 Super Easy Hikes in the Olympic National Park : PNW KIDS

1. Staircase Rapids ( 2.0 miles)⠀

This beautiful trail follow the Skokomish River and has a really beautiful bridge. It's a perfect path if you are interested in viewing some awesome old growth forests. Plus there are some amazing crystalline pools to take in.

2. Ranger Hole ( 1.7 miles)⠀

This short hike has a small nature trail and leads to the Duckabush River. The river has a pretty cool passage through a narrow bedrock opening and is a cool spot to take some pictures.

3. Hurricane Ridge Loops (0.3-1.5 miles)⠀

The Hurricane Ridge loops are super popular and afford amazing views, a few short and easy trails ( which are paved) are perfect for littler kids. There are spectacular wildflower blooms each spring and there are lots of fun and interesting wildlife that kids will find amazing if they can spot them!

4. Madison Creek Falls ( 0.2 miles)⠀

This is a super easy paved trail that leads to the beautiful Madison Creek Falls. This path is suited to all abilities, including the tiniest hikers among us!

10 Super Easy Hikes in the Olympic National Park : PNW KIDS

5. Marymere Falls ( 1.8 miles)⠀

This hike is easily accessible from Lake Crescent. The trail crosses a lovely creek and traverses through an amazing old growth forest before hikers must climb up some stairs ( that are fairly steep) to the falls, which are so worth the hike!

6. Sol Duc Falls ( 1.5 miles)⠀

This trail is lined with amazing old growth trees. A lovely trail that leads to a beautiful and well loved Olympic National Park icon, Sol Duc Falls. The trail to Sol Duc Falls starts just beyond the Sol Duc Hot Springs and Resort and is a rather pleasant walk to the falls.

7. Spruce Nature Trail (1.3 miles)⠀

This is an easy and popular interpretive walk . The path is dotted with old growth sitka spruces and follows some of the Hoh River. There are lots of signs that teach visitors the ecology of this rainforest and super fun for kids!

10 Super Easy Hikes in the Olympic National Park : PNW KIDS

8. Hall of Mosses Nature Trail ( 0.8 miles)⠀

Another fun interpretive walk with lots of signs offering information about the ecology of the rain forest. This trail is amazing for the stunning mosses that thickly cover the trees. There are also lots of licorice ferns that dot the path.

9. Cape Flattery ( 1.2 Miles)⠀

This hike is really fun because it brings hikers to the furthest northwest tip of the contiguous United States. Fun ground to stand on for sure! This land is managed by the Makah Tribe and you need to buy a permit at Washburn's General Store before hiking the trail. There are amazing lookouts and a viewing platform to take in the splendor.

10. Ruby Beach ( 1.6 miles)⠀

The trail leads down to Ruby Beach which is known for it's amazing pinkish sand. The destination is well worth it because Ruby Beach has amazing seastacks and tons of driftwood to explore, which kids will love!

10 Super Easy Hikes in the Olympic National Park : PNW KIDS

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10 Super Easy Hikes in the Olympic National Park : PNW KIDS

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