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5 Super Easy Hikes in Vancouver B.C. for Kids

Today we're counting down our top favorite super easy hikes near Vancouver B.C. that are GREAT for kids and families. Vancouver B.C. has so many excellent trails , some of which are perfect for the tiniest hikers among us. So without further delay, let's talk easy hiking trails that you can explore right now.

1 Brandywine Falls

This hike clocks in at about 1.5 miles and covers some gorgeous scenery along the way before the boardwalk leads you to an amazing view. It's best to visit Brandywine Falls in every season as the flora and fauna change beautifully with each passing season.

5 Super Easy Hikes in Vancouver B.C. for Kids

2. Lighthouse Park

One of the most beautiful and scenic parks in B.C. , Lighthouse Park is perfect for little explorers. Between a gorgeous lighthouse, scenic trails, stunning coastlines and old growth forests, Lighthouse park is worth spending the day!

5 Super Easy Hikes in Vancouver B.C. for Kids

3. Whyte Lake

Whyte Lake is a small and tranquil lake that is situated above Horseshoe Bay. The trail is very beautiful and follows a lovely Creek through a grove of Western Cedar, Douglas Fir trees and old growth giant trees. . The trail starts out fairly steep but levels out and overall is a very easy and short trail.

4. Pacific Spirit Park

\Located very close to the University of B.C. campus, this amazing park has about 6 miles of trails that are both easy and enjoyable. This spot is perfect for hot summer days as almost all of the trail is under the shade of cool trees. The park is also close to several beach and waterfront areas that are also worth checking out if you are in the area.

5 Super Easy Hikes in Vancouver B.C. for Kids

5. Quarry Rock

This short hike offers unparalleled views of Indian Arm Fjord. The first part of this trail is fairly steep but it levels out. Plus, the second half of the hike is a leisurely stroll through amazing old growth forests that are scattered with amazing little bridges that kids will LOVE. The main attraction of this hike is Quarry Rock, a lookout that affords views of the city below and an excellent spot to take in the fjord. This trail is really popular and its better to explore this area on weekdays or in cooler weather. FYI: Make sure to keep small kids close by in the fist part of this hike as the rocks are steep.

So now tell us: What are your favorite kid friendly hikes in Vancouver, B.C? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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