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52 Kid Friendly Hikes near Seattle

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Below you will find the ultimate guide to kid friendly hikes near Seattle Washington. Why 52 hikes you ask? Well, because we couldn't narrow our list to just 50. There are so many beautiful spots to explore near Seattle! Whether you are looking for epic waterfall hikes, sweet mountain views, serene lakes or gorgeous meandering creeks, this list will have you covered. No matter if you're a super adventurous family looking to spend a few hours on a remote trail in the back country or a looking for some beginner hikes because you have a baby and a toddler in tow, this list is for you.

Just a note before we jump into the list: make sure you look up each adventure before you go. All of these are amazing summer hikes, but you'll need to check out the current conditions if you're heading out on the trail during fall or winter as many of the locations listed below are in the mountains where the weather can be unpredictable and effect trail conditions.

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52 Kid Friendly Hikes near Seattle by PNW Kids
50 kid friendly hikes near seattle

1) Deception Pass State Park

Deception Pass State Park is washing ton's most visited park. There are plenty things to do including nearly 38 miles of hiking rails, 1.2 miles of which is ADA.

2) Skagit Wildlife Area

Skagit Wildlife area is a 2.7 mile out and back trail located near the beautiful city of Mt., Veron, not too far from Seattle. It's great for small hikers who are also interested in wildlife and birding!

3) Gold Creek Pond

Gold Creek Pond is in the Snoqualmie Region and is an easy 1.0 mile round trip hike. This trail is an ADA accessible paved loop, perfect for everyone.

4) Iron Goat Trail

This is a beautiful and relatively easy ( 700 ft of elevation gain) hike is on the longer side at 6.0 miles but it's worth checking out even if you don't go the whole way. You can stay on the first three mile section which is a paved ADA accessible trail.

5) Tommy Thompson Trail

Tommy Thompson Trail is a 6.6 mile paved out and back path. . Begin at The Port of Anacortes and go as far or as short as you'd like! There is essentially no elevation gain ( 25FT) ,making this perfect for tiny walkers.

6) Old Sauk ADA loop

This loop is located in the North Cascades and is an easy 1.0 mile round trip hike with only 200 FT of elevation gain, making it perfectly suited for families. There is also an option to make this hike a little longer by starting at the Clear Creek Campground.

7) Picture Lake

This short but beautiful walk is located in the Mt. Baker area and contains some of the most beautiful Mt. Baker views you'll ever see! The path is ADA accessible making this perfect for families of all abilities.

8) Bagley Lakes Trail

Bagley Lakes Trail is a 2.0 mile round trip hike in the Mt, Baker area. With only an elevation gain of 150FT, this is a really easy and family friendly hike with tons of wild flowers in summer and spring!

9) Sauk Mountain

Sauk Mountain is located in the North Cascades and a slightly more challenging hike! The trail is 4.2 miles with a gain of 1200 FT. But it's popular with families for a reason, the views are absolutely epic and the wildflowers are gorgeous!

10) Iceberg Point

Iceberg Point is located in the Puget Sound, is 3.0 and has hardly any elevation gain ( 50FT). This is such a fun family hike because of the really cool rocks and really amazing trees. Plus the views are breathtaking.

11) Tonga Ridge

Tonga Ridge is located in Stevens Pass is suited for bigger kids or experienced hiking families at 5.4 miles, However, at only 500FT of elevation change, it's an easy to moderate walk. That being said, there are loads of edible wild berries to munch on if you get tired.

12) Grand Ridge Trail Park

Greand Ridge Trail Park in Issaquah has about 7 miles of varying tails. There are beautiful views of Lake Sammamish and is home to loads of interesting wildlife. There is also an epic 40 FT long bridge for those little ones who love bridges!

13) Evans Creek Preserve

Evans Creek Preserve is located East of Redmond and is a 4.2 mile round trip hike with only 325 FT of elevation gain making it ideal of little hikers. Not only is it great for hiking, it's also perfect for bird watching!

14) Paradise Valley Conservation Area

Paradise Valley Conservation Area is north of Woodinville and is a 5.0 mile trail with only 150 FT of elevation gain making this a perfect Seattle area family friendly hike. There are loads of beautiful trails to enjoy!

15) Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, Olympia area

This is a good little walk for families that are interested in seeing some birds and other wildlife among the refuge's several miles of trails. Kids will love this refuge's boardwalks, observation decks, and miles of easy and beautiful trails.

16) Margaret’s Way trail, Issaquah

This is a longer trail at 5.5 miles and 1500 FT of elevation gain ( if you do the entire hike) but worth it for the beautiful experience of hiking in the Squak Mountain Trail System. That being said, you don't have ho hike the entire distance to experience the beautify of Margaret's trail.

17) Guemes Mountain, Guemes Island

This is an awesome little hike located in Anacortes. It is only 2.3 miles round trip with about 550FT of elevation gain. that has incredible views of the North Cascades.

18) Myrtle Falls,

Myrtle Falls is gorgeous at 72 FT set against the backdrop of the beautiful Mt. Rainer. The hike to Myrtle falls from the Skyline Trail is only about 0.9 miles making it ideal for families with children.

19) Big Four Ice Caves

This is such a unique hike! At 2.2 miles and 220 FT of elevation gain it's great for families and one of the more interesting hikes you can take your family on. Located in the North Cascades, Big Four Ice Caves are exactly what they sound like: ICE CAVES! Just make sure you never climb or play around on the ice caves, they are dangerous, especially in summer!

20) Greenwater Lakes

At 4.9 miles with nearly 500 FT of elevation gain, this is a beautiful kid friendly hike! Located in Mt. Baker, the hike ends with beautiful Greenwater Lake!

21) Snoqualmie Falls

These super iconic falls are located in the North Bend area. The hike is 1.4 miles with only 250 FT of elevation gain. The trail is an interpretive trail to various view points and a great combination of hiking fun and education.

22) Twin Falls

At 2.6 miles round-trip and 500 FT of elevation gain, this North Bend waterfall hike is excellent for kids. The views of twin falls are breathtaking.

23) Franklin Falls

A very popular 2 mile hike in Snoqualmie Pass that was practically built for kids! It's a quick hike with big pay offs of the beautiful falls.

24) Boulder River Trail

While the entire trail is 8.6 miles, you don't have to hike the entire trail to make this a worthwhile stop for kids. A beautiful river and crashing waterfalls make this ideal for families if even you only travel a mile or so up the road.

26) Carter and Madcap Falls

If you're looking for a longer family outing and a 2-for-the-price of one hiking adventure, check out the Carter and Madcap Falls * 7.2 miles + 900FT of elevation) in the Mt. Rainier area. In addition to beautiful trails, gorgeous woods and amazing wildlife, the falls alone are worth the trip.

27) Silver Falls, Mt. Rainier

This 3.0. mile hike( 600 FT of elevation) is a short and beautiful hiked to some gorgeous falls at the end. Plus there are hot springs ( that are no longer open for soaking) but a really cool treat check out.

28) Martha Falls

This 1.8 mile trip has about 730 FT of elevation gain and is excellent for those looking to check out a beautiful waterfall. Parking here is limited and the trailhead is difficult to find.

29) Rattle Snake Ledge -* Snoqualmie Pass

This is a well used hike in Snoqualmie Pass coming in at distance of 4.0 miles with 1160 FT of elevation gain. Plus when you get up the top you'll see spectactular views of Rattlesnake Lake and Chester Morse Lake.

30) Coal Creek Falls-Cougar Mountain

Coal Creek Falls is located in Issaquah and comes in at 2.5 miles and 1066 FT of elevation. It's an excellent spot if you're looking for a calm spot on a well maintained trail within a gorgeous forest. Plus, the falls is an excellent finale to this trip.

31) Discovery Park Loop Trail

This is an easy 2.8 mile loop with views of gorgeous forests, meadows and if you're lucky, beautiful birds. There is a visitor center too, which is an excellent beginning or ending to this hike.

32) Poo Poo Point/Tiger Mountain

The entire hike is 7.2 miles, but you certainly don't have to do the entire thing to make this hike worth it. If you do make it to the top, you'll see sweeping views of Bellevue and maybe some para gliders too.

33) Tiger Mountain Lake Trail

This hike is super easy and super flat and offers some gorgeous Tiger Mountain lake views. The entire hike is about 1.5 miles making It's a perfect hike to for kids and dogs alike!

34) Denny Creek

If you're looking for the best time ever, head to Denny Creek! This trail will lead you to EPIC waterside rocks, just a mile from the trailhead. Bring your bathing suit and have fun at nature's water park! If you decide to keep going on the hike, you'll also reach the gorgeous Keewulee Falls!

35)Redmond Watershed Preserve

Pets are not allowed here, but kids are! At 4.5 miles and 400 FT of elevation gain, this trail offers beautiful views of ponds and wetlands.

36)Seward Park

If you're not looking to leave Seattle, Seward Park is your answer. Here you can walk the 2.4 miles of trails, check out the native plant garden, or even take a swim at the beach.

37) Saint Edward State Park

Another beautiful spot in Seattle with 3.0 miles of trails. Hike through a beautiful old growth forest and check out some Lake Washington's gorgeous shoreline.

38) Cedar River Trail

This trail meanders along the Cedar River for 17.4 miles but it's a nice flat trail for families looking for a nice easy meander. It's also a great spot to ride your bikes!

39) Evans Creek Preserve

This 1.7 mile preserve near Sammamish, Washington is perfect if you're looking for a beautiful and easy stroll through meadows and forests. This little gem is also perfect for bird watching!

40) Soaring Eagle Regional Park

The soaring eagle trail in Sammamish, Washington is about 5 miles though you can chose from about 12 miles of trails throughout the entire park. The main trail has minimal elevation gain making it perfect for tiny hikers.

41) Westside Trail-De Led Wall

Located in Issaquah, the De Led Wall Trail is a beautiful 4.2 mile trail with less then 500 FT of elevation gain. Despite being close to an urban area, the trail feels very wild. Perfect for families wanting to escape the city without going far.

42) Camp Long

Camp long is a beautiful little spot in West Seattle with a beautiful little 1.7 mile trail. It features a wonderful old growth forest, rock climbing and lots of opportunities for birding and wildlife viewing.

43) Coal Creek Trail

Coal creek is located near Issaquah and features a beautiful waterfall aptly named Coal Creek Falls. This 6.0 mile out and back is moderate in difficulty but the length may be suited for bigger kids or experienced hiking families.

44) Twin Falls, Snoqualmie Pass

This 3.6 mile out and back is kid friendly and leads to a gorgeous waterfall! This hike is fairly crowded on weekends, so make sure to get there early or check it out on a week day. The 500 FT of elevation gain is well worth it to check out these falls.

46) Rainy Lake Hike, WA

At 2 miles and minimal elevation gain, this is a beautiful and trail near Winthrop, WA that's perfect for families with little kids. The payoff at Rainy Lake is well worth the small effort to get up there. The water is extremely clear!

47)Ebey's Landing

If you're looking for expansive views of the sound, look no further then Ebey's Landing on Whidbey Island. This 4.7 mile trail offers vistas, wildlife, and easy trails.

48) Snow Lake

This lake is one of the most visited alpine lakes because of it's relative ease. That being said, the distance ( at 7.2) miles is better suited for older kids or experienced hiking families. If you're looking for a wilderness experience that's on the "easier" side, then check out Snow Lake!

49) Lincoln Park

Located in West Seattle, this park has 5 miles of trails with gorgeous views. It's perfect for families because once you're done hiking you can play at the playground or splash around in the wading pool.

50) Carkeek Park

A pretty little park located in NW Seattle. This family friendly spot offers 3.5 miles of trails with various options ranging from fairly easy to moderate.

51) Licorice Fern Trail, Cougar Mountain

One of the more "remote" trails on cougar mountain. If you're looking to feel a world a away without a long drive from the city, this 2.8 mile out-and-back is perfect for families looking for a little peace and quiet without a long car ride.

52) Lake 22, North Cascades

Lake 22 is located in the North Central Cascades, East of Granite Falls. If you're looking for gorgeous scenery and stunning views of Mount Pilchuck, then Lake 22 is your answer. Read on below to find out more about this beautiful PNW family friendly adventure. Check out our full review of Lake 22 here.

Did we miss anything? Add your ideas for best family friendly hiking near Seattle in the comments below and we'll add them to the list! PNW Kids is fueled by adventurous families just like you, so add your thoughts on these adventures to help our community of wandering PNW families!


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