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9 Mount Hood Adventures with Kids -2019

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Looking for some fun kid-friendly activities in the Mount Hood region aside from skiing and snow tubing? You came to the right place! Here are our favorite things to do at Mt. Hood with kids in the spring, summer and fall! . Mount hood has so many kid friendly adventures if you just know where to look. Ready? Let's go!

9 Mount Hood Adventures with Kids

9 Mount Hood Adventures with Kids -2019

1. Mirror Lake

Looking for a fun and exiting kid friendly adventure in the Mount Hood area? Mirror Lake is a beautiful lake with a lovely rambling trail that clocks in at around 4 miles round trip. Check out a wonderful review of Mirror Lake from one of our amazing community members, PNW Family Explorers. Check out their Mirror Lake adventure here and their Instagram page here.

Quick Mirror Lake Details

Difficulty - Moderate

Distance - 4.1 miles

Route Type - Out and Back

Elevation Gain - 679 feet

Best Time - March to October

9 Mount Hood Adventures with Kids -2019
Mirror Lake, Mount Hood

2. Ramona Falls

Read our full review of Ramona Falls here:

Ramona falls is located in the Mt. Hood National Forest near Rhododendron, Oregon. The main draw of this hike is Ramona Falls, beautiful cascading waterfalls about 3.5 miles up the trail. We ventured out hoping to make it the entire 7 mile round trip but ran out of water just after the Sandy River and had to turn back ( about 1.7 miles out).

We saw a lot of families who made it to the river and turned back, which is a gorgeous section of the trail in itself. I didn't see too many other families ( especially with littler kids who were walking) past the river. Though I think a lot of that had to do with the fact it was a 95 degree day when we hiked this ( which was not our best idea!)

9 Mount Hood Adventures with Kids -2019
Ramona Falls Trail, Mt, Hood

3. Clear Lake, Mt. Hood, Oregon

Clear Lake is in Mt. Hood's National Forest near Maupin , ( a few miles past Timberline Lodge and Trillium Lake). We loved that the lake was fairly shallow for at least 10 FT out ( that's as far as we explored) and in some parts, it's very clear.

There are nice trails that go around the lake on well maintained and compact single track. There are also a variety of campgrounds and bathrooms available around the lake. On a nice summer day, Clear Lake can be very crowded which pushed us further away from the main parking lot when deciding where we should settle in. We recommend you arrive early to get the best spots. 

Read our full review on Clear Lake here

9 Mount Hood Adventures with Kids -2019
Clear Lake, Mt. Hood

4. Trillium Lake

One of our favorite lakes is Trillium Lake. In the winter you can snowshoe and in the warmer months it is a perfect spot to relax and play in the shadows of mount hood. The lake has bathrooms and a campground. There is also a lovely two miles loop around the lake that is perfect for little hikers. In the summer this area can be really crowded, so make sure to arrive early when the weather warms up.

9 Mount Hood Adventures with Kids -2019
Trillium Lake, Mt. Hood

9 Mount Hood Adventures with Kids -2019

9 Mount Hood Adventures with Kids -2019

5. Lost Lake

Another must see location on mount hood is Lost Lake. With a beautiful campground, beautiful trails and a boat rental facility, you could easily spend a week here !

9 Mount Hood Adventures with Kids -2019

6. Paradise Park

PNW Kids community members have reported this is a lovely place to see alpine wildflowers in bloom in July and August. This trail clocks in around 12.1 miles roundtrip but you certainly don't have to do the entire hike, even a small section will be absolutely beautiful and worth the trek!

9 Mount Hood Adventures with Kids -2019

7. Timothy Lake

Timothy Lake has a wonderful campground and is home to the South Shore Trail, which is a lovely path with striking views of Mt .Hood. The lake is also a fun place to canoe, kayak or SUP. Plus this lake has absolutely amazing views of Mt. Hood.

9. Little Zig Zag Falls

A perfect kid friendly adventure at Mt. Hood, Zig Zag trails is perfect to beat the summer heat but can be enjoyed anytime of the year! The hike in is very small and you can lounge around at the foot of this beautiful waterfall!

9 Mount Hood Adventures with Kids -2019

Have you been to Mount Hood with your kids? What did you think? Add your thoughts on these adventures to help our community of adventurous PNW families! Let us know in the comments below!

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