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Badger Mountain Review- Richland WA

Here is our review of Badger Mountain in Richland, WA. Who knew Eastern WA had such gorgeous mountains!

Kids running on Badger Mountain
Badger Mountain Richland Wa

First of all, as evidence by the pictures, Badger Mountain has no trees which makes this hike fantastic for those of us living in thick forest! While the trail can be steep in some areas it is extremely well maintained and very easy for little feet to navigate. There are a variety of trails and routes and lots of options for exploration.

From the top of Badger Mountain you can see several other peaks ( Candy Peak & Rattlesnake Mountain just to name a view) in addition, you can see the mighty Columbia River. The trail head is in a residential area and has a nice little playground and restrooms. If you're in the Richland, WA area and are looking for a beautiful hike or walk with your kids, be sure to check Badger Mountain because it won't disappoint! .

Kids running on Badger Mountain
Badger Mountain Richland WA


  • The VIEWS are really fantastic.

  • Badger mountain's trails are really well-maintained thanks to some awesome volunteers ( many of which I've met while using the trail) .

  • Lots of kids use this trail and in fact, every time we've hiked this mountain, we've run into loads of other families!


  • Really hot and dry in the summer with ZERO shade. ( did i mention there are no trees?)

  • In spring and summer you need to be are of rattlesnakes as Richland is rattlesnake country.

  • A little dusty in the summer.

Have you been to Badger Mountain? Add your thoughts on this adventure to help our community of adventurous PNW families! Let us know in the comments below! Do you have an awesome Pacific Northwest family outdoor adventure you want us to feature? DM on Instagram or email us and don't forget to tag us and use #pnwkids to be featured on Instagram:

Kids running on Badger Mountain
Badger Mountain Richland Wa

Resources to plan your trip:

  • Badger Mountain Hiking Trail Directions can be found here

  • More information on the Badger Mountain trail can be found here

  • If you're interested in trail running at Badger Mountain, check out here and here.

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