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Best things to do in Bend, Oregon with Kids on a time crunch.

Today we're talking about Bend Oregon with Kids on a time budget. This part of Oregon is so beautiful and chalk full of fabulous family friendly adventures. If you're planning a trip to Bend with kids and don't have a lot of time, let us spare you the hours of deliberation and research. Here are our top 3 easy outdoor adventures for families in Bend, Oregon. Read one!

Honestly, let me preface this by saying you need more time in Bend. Way more time. A few days is not enough time to even scratch the surface of what this Oregon gem has to offer. We were astounded everywhere we looked - Bend is a magical wonderland worth a lifetime of exploration. But we get it, not everyone has a lifetime to explore Bend. Therefore we give you our top must see Bend outdoor attractions with kids if you have just a few days.

As always if you've been to Bend, please comment down below what your favorite things to do are. We'd love to do a more through post on Bend for those who are planning to adventure in the area a little bit longer!

1. Explore Newberry Volcanic Monument

We were not planning to go here but on the way to our vacation rental we drove past the incredible Newberry Monument and knew we had to make some changes to our itinerary to squeeze this spot in and boy was it worth it!

From the highway ( going towards Sunriver) you see this incredible "mountain" with zero trees and volcanic pumice everywhere. We had no idea what it was at first and were really intrigued before driving past the sign for the volcanic monument.

Once there we drove to the top of the Caldera for amazing views and a short walk around the rim of the crater. It was absolutely epic! There were a few spots on the trail that were a little bit concerning ( i.e. drop-offs) but we all held hands and experienced the wonderful scenery together. We drove back down the caldera and headed into the amazing visitors center. The kids became Jr. Rangers here and we learned so much about what formed this fantastic area.

2. Smith Rock State Park

Wow this place is cool! We first saw it off the side of the road while driving in and didn't know what we were looking at but knew something extremely awe-inspiring was there. Turns out what we were looking at in wonder was Smith Rock State Park.

This spot is a mecca for climbers, hikers and runners but also is a super fun spot for kids. Some of the easier trails in the park include:

1. The Canyon Trail -1.5 miles

2. The North Point Trail-0.5 miles

3.Rim Rock Trail -0.5 trails

4. River Trail-2.5 miles

5. Wolf Tree Trail -1.0 miles

Don't miss this spot as it's an absolute gem and you'll come back with some amazing photos!

3. Tumalo Falls

There is the option of doing a more substantial hike but for those not interested in trekking for 5 miles you can essentially drive up to the falls here for a gorgeous view. Tumalo Falls popular spot so its best to go early on the weekends or keep it for a weekday. There is access to additional trails and picnic areas. It's a great little spot to take in one of the most beautiful Oregon waterfalls. Again, you're family photos will be amazing!

Ok, let's hear it! Are there any amazing kid friendly spots in Bend, Oregon you would add to our list?

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