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Bruneau Sand Dunes, Bruneau, Idaho

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Looking for a really unique family friendly adventure? Head over the the Bruneau Sand Dunes in Idaho for an unforgettable landscape and tons of fun! Read our full review below.

Sand lovers unite! The Bruneau Sand Dunes are such a unique and interesting spot for little and older kids alike. The dunes are the highest free standing dunes in North America, with the highest one standing at nearly 500 FT tall. Located about 60 miles south of Boise they are a must-see adventure if you are in the area. Heck, if you're looking for a super cool adventure, these dunes are worth the trip out here alone! Plus if you're REALLY looking for an epic family adventure, rent a sand board from the visitors center for a real treat and head up the mountain to test your skills at sand-boarding.

Maybe sand boarding isn't for you. In that case, the dunes offer a plethora of animal viewing opportunities. You might run into the following critters on your visit; coyotes, rabbits, lizards, scorpions, ducks, geese, kestrels, hawks and herons. Make sure you bring your camera because there is way more to see then just the dunes.

And as if the dunes and wildlife aren't enough, the park has Idaho’s only public observatory, so bring your star gazing books and sit back and enjoy the show! In fact, if it's probably best if you spend a few nights here to really get the full experience. You can book your camping stay through Reserve America here.

What we love about this adventure

  • Really unique and interesting landscape that will keep kids fascinated for hours.

  • Awesome for families looking for great photos and looking for adrenaline pumping adventure.

  • This is an awesome spot to do some day hiking. The park is home to several interesting trails.

  • Off-road vehicles are NOT ALLOWED on the dunes, making it a perfect spot for kids to run wild and free without the worry of vehicles.

Other things of note

  • There is zero shades on the dunes, so going at noon in the heat of summer is not advised unless you have the appropriate sun gear.

  • It costs $5.00 to enter the park in your vehicle.

  • Pets must be kept on a leash.

Videos of the Bruneau Sand Dunes

Check out the Idaho Statesmen Video on sand boarding below or here.

A REALLY cool drone video of the dunes by Drone'N Idaho which will give you a good layout of the park.

Helpful Resources

Have you been to the Bruneau Sand Dunes? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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