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Foreshore Trail, Vancouver, British Colombia

Looking for an easy adventure in Vancouver. Head over to the University of British Colombia's campus to check out the Foreshore Trail and several beautiful beaches. This is the perfect place to spend several hours hiking, exploring and playing at the beach.

Jericho Beach-Foreshore Trail-Vancouver, B.C.
Jericho Beach-Foreshore Trail-Vancouver, B.C.

The Foreshore Trail is an easy 3 mile trail that skirts the edge of the UBC campus and is part of the Pacific Regional Park. There are several wonderful beaches including Acadia Beach, Spanish Banks Beach Park, and Jericho Beach very close by that are perfect for kids who just want to explore the beaches. The beaches are a mix of sandy and rocky, which is perfect for kids who want to explore and beach comb.

From the beaches you can see so many beautiful things, including awesome and massive container ships sailing past. This was an unexpected surprise and delighted all my kids. They enjoyed throwing rocks into the water just as much as watching the large ships pass by.

Jericho Beach-Foreshore Trail

Our favorite place to start is on Trail #3 because there is a million ( well not literally) stairs that one must go down in order to access the beach. The beach is usually pretty quiet ( especially in winter) and a great place to relax and explore.


  • Really cool trail with lots of beaches and incredible WW11 history ( instrument towers)

  • Incredibly scenic with amazing views including the Strait of Georgia, Bowen Island and Howe Sound.

  • There is lots to choose from in terms of what beaches you explore and what sections of the trail you decide to walk.

  • Not too many people, especially in winter ( which is personally our favorite time to visit).


  • A large portion of this trail is on the beach which can be hard for little hikers as it is rocky and can be slippery. Parts of the trail have been subjected to erosion which means one must traverse the beach and the safest option is to hike during low tide.

  • This adventure passes through Wreck Beach, which is a NUDIST beach. If it's warm and sunny outside and you make it all the way towards Wreck Beach you may see buns in the sunshine ( don't say we didn't warn you!). You can easily avoid Wreck Beach choosing your access trail wisely and going in the opposite direction :)

  • The trails can be rather muddy during the rainy season.

Jericho Beach Ships-PNW Kids
Jericho Beach Ships

Have you been to Foreshore Trail or any of the beaches in the area? What did you think? Add your thoughts on this adventure to help our community of adventurous PNW families! Let us know in the comments below!

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Jericho Beach-Foreshore Trail-PNW Kids
Jericho Beach-Foreshore Trail

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