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Lacamas Lake Park Review

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Are you in the Vancouver WA or Portland, OR area and looking for an awesome kid friendly adventure that can eat up a few hours? Below is our review on Lacamas Lake Park in Washougal, WA.

Spoiler Alert: We love it.

PNW Kids
Lacamas Lake Park Wildflowers

Why we love Lacamas Lake Park

Lacamas Lake

As the name suggests, there is a lake. It’s pretty big and it’s pretty awesome. At various points around the trail you can stop and play by the lake, stick fish or throw rocks in (whatever is your jam).

Pnw Kids
Lacamas Lake


Yes, that is plural because there are several waterfalls worth exploring and they’re pretty darn decent. There is also a nice little viewing spot from a small dam pretty early when starting from the parking trailhead ( #instantgratification).

Pnw Kids
Lacamas Lake Waterfalls

Heavenly Meadows

Visit in spring and you might think you’ve entered a different realm. The wildflowers are just epic and there are a variety of different trails you can take and explore this serene area. My kids loved romping around the meadow running through the flowerly trails.

PNW kids
Lacamas Lake Park

Other things of note:

1. Awesome tiny playground at the trailhead ( in case you need to bribe your kids to walk back)

2. Restrooms

3. Paths are really well maintained.

4. Popular (especially in nice weather).

Have you been to Lacamas Park? What did you think of it? Please leave your comments below and we’ll update this post with your insights!

Planning a trip to Lacamas Park? Ask us anything about it!

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