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Oregon Coast with Kids- Cape Meares

The Octopus Tree

Our next stop in our series The Oregon Coast with Kids is Cape Meares, home to the famous Octopus Tree. If you haven't heard about the magical Octopus Tree then please look it up because you will be amazed! It's an Oregon Heritage Sitka Spruce that is just massive and over 1000 years old. It's a sight to behold and if I'm being honest, we came here for the tree but the lighthouse and the beaches were also a plus.

Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint-Things to Do

1. Visit the famous Octopus Tree.

  • If you're into trees with a story to tell, you'll love visiting the Octopus Tree, a spruce with history. This tree, and all its magnificent beauty, is worth the trip out to this spot alone.

Playing near the Octopus Tree Cape Meares

2. Check out the Cape Meares Lighthouse

  • There is a wonderful inactive 19th century lighthouse which was fun for the kids to explore and learn more about coastal life way back in the day. Kids 6 and older can actually check out a lighthouse tour!

Cape Meares Lighthouse

Inside the Cape Meares Lighthouse

3. Hike some of the gorgeous trails

  • Cape Meares is home to several miles of gorgeous trails with some of the most beautiful trees. We went on a cloudy day and the forest was delightfully moody.

Hiking at Cape Meares

4. Whale Watch from the cliffs above

  • During winter, if you're lucky, you can check out the great whale migration from one of the many vantage points around the park.

Wildlife Viewing at Cape Meares

5. Learn about one of the largest colony of nesting common murres (seabirds)

  • Cape Meares his home to the largest colony of nesting common murrers which can be seen on a clear day. There was a lot of great information about these seabirds and other wildlife that calls the area home. We had fun learning about this amazing seabirds and the park had lots of great educational information on them.

6. Relax by Cape Meares Lake

  • Located just a few miles away from the state park, Cape Meares Lake is an excellent kayaking and fishing location.

Cape Meares Hiking Trails
Safety Concerns: Despite being on top of a cliff, we felt like the park was fairly safe and didn't notice any areas where kids could get too close to any ledges. Most of the ledges are fenced off with a safe distance between the fence and the cliff, which is good if you have kids who occasionally like to climb fences, like our kids!

Have you explored Cape Meares with your family? Add your thoughts on this adventure to help our community of adventurous PNW families! ⠀⠀

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