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Palouse Falls Review

Palouse Falls, Eastern WA. An awesome waterfall in Washtucna, WA in beautiful Eastern Washington and the only major waterfall on the Columbia Plateau. I've heard Palouse Falls described as an epic world class waterfall in the middle of nowhere. An awesome family friendly expedition so long as you stick to the designated trails and paths. There is a short mile or so official walking path that is perfect for children. Though there are several trail splits and some unofficial trails/paths"that lead down towards the falls ,they are to be avoided as they are unsafe ( please see warning below). However, overall the park is an awesome way to while away a few scenic hours.

WARNINGS: Palouse falls has many UNMARKED and UNOFFICIAL trails along the ledges near the cliffs. THESE ARE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and should be avoided. The cliff ledges have given out in the past. Please only use the designated path which is maintained by Washington State.
Our advice is to go out and enjoy Palouse Falls but keep children close by and only use the main path. !

Read on for the details:

image of Palouse Falls by @@miranda_rae_carter
Palouse Ffalls by @miranda_rae_carter


  • Big beautiful falls that stand out against the rocky Eastern Washington landscape. I always find the falls a bit unexpected here.

  • Really interesting geological history ( its a the last active waterfall on the ice age flood path, which is really cool and great for combining a little history and science together)

  • Perfect place to take some beautiful family photos against a stunning backdrop.

  • A few first-come-first serve camp grounds in case you're interested in staying longer then a few hours.

  • Really amazing wildlife including Marmots and ....rattlesnakes ( mostly in spring and summer).

Click on link to go to Washington State Parks
Palouse Falls State Park by Washington State Park


  • Steep drop offs and steep cliffs. The walking path is safe, but young children will need to watched at at all times to ensure they are staying safe around the cliffs edge.

  • There are multiple UNMARKED hiker-created paths that the State of Washington highly discourages people against using. Tempting as it may be to travel a little closer to the falls, people have lost their lives doing this. At PNW we advise to stay on official marked trails ONLY.

  • No cell service, fairly remote.

  • Parking is quite limited.

  • Can be extremely hot and dry in summer, so bring lots of extra water.

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