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Stanley Park with Kids- Vancouver, B.C.

No trip to Vancouver, Canada is complete without a visit to the world famous Stanley Park. From gorgeous lush trails, to scenic bike paths, astounding art, and peaceful beaches, Stanley Park is a kid's urban paradise. It's the kind of place you'll want to spend an entire day and you'll see why. Check out our full guide to Stanley Park below.

Stanley Park with Kids- Vancouver, B.C
Stanley Park, B.C.

Things to do in Stanley Park with Kids

1. Go for a Hike

Take an amble through lush rainforest in one of Stanley Park's wonderful trails. You'll notice hemlock, western red cedar, and Douglas Fir. If you're lucky you'll see Eagles, Beavers, tons of birds, and even some bats. Find out more about the wildlife and ecology of Stanley Park here.

2. Visit the Totem Poles

First Nations art and totem poles are scattered throughout the park and provide rich opportunities for both young and old to learn about the people who first called Vancouver area home. The most famous part of the entire Stanley Park happens to be Brockton Point where you can see 9 beautiful totem poles ( watch out for crowds because people flock to this particular area of the park for good reason).

Stanley Park with Kids- Vancouver, B.C
Totem Poles-Stanley Park

3. Go for a Bike Ride around the park and visit Siwash Rock.

Rent some bikes and travel around the perimeter of Stanley Park! Don't forget to stop by the famous Siwash Rock for a few photos, which is a 32 million year old sea stack.

Stanley Park with Kids- Vancouver, B.C
Siwash Rock

4. Explore the beaches

Check out Second or Third beach and you may forget you are in the heart of the city. These beaches are perfect for kids to throw rocks and relax.

Stanley Park with Kids- Vancouver, B.C
Stanley Park Beaches

5. Check out the park to lakes, Lost Lagoon and Beaver Lake.

There are two fantastic lakes in and around Stanley Park that are perfect for viewing wildlife!

6. Visit Brockton Point Lighthouse

At the east end of Stanely Park sits the Brockton Point Lighthouse, a beautiful 1914 lighthouse that was built after a number of ships collided at the point.

Safety & Other Concerns
The only safety concern we noticed while visiting Stanley Park were that some of the sea walls were actually quite high and our kids had the urge to balance on them ( of course). Falling off them would have been quite painful to say the least.
The other concern was the bike path can be quite crowded, with a mix of bikers and walkers. While there are designated pathways for each mode of transport ( wheels vs. feet) I found it a little difficult to keep the younger kids safe and on the correct spot of the path and avoid crossing the tiny line that delineates pedestrians and bikers.
Stanley Park with Kids- Vancouver, B.C

A few other things to do in the park if you have time:

1. Visit the Vancouver Aquarium

2. Play at the playground

3. Visit the pools and splash pads

Have you explored Stanley Park with your family? Add your thoughts on this adventure to help our community of adventurous PNW families! ⠀⠀

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Stanley Park with Kids- Vancouver, B.C

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