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Wilson River at Keening Creek

Is the Portland heat getting making you crazy? Why not head out to Keening Creek on the Wilson River in the wonderful Tillamook Forest to cool down.

Wilson River at Keening Creek

Wilson River at Keening Creek is a gem for beating the Pacific Northwest heat. The river, at Keening Creek, is fairly shallow at the river's edge making it an ideal spot for younger children. Head down the river a bit further and you'll come across the most inviting rock formations which will provide children with endless opportunities for play.

The adventure starts at the Keening Creek Campground ( which is first come first serve). There is ample parking and restrooms. Hike down about a quarter of a mile to access various side trails that will give you river access. There are a variety of side trails to access different portions of the river.

Wilson River at Keening Creek

Saftey and Pros & Cons

Obviously the river can get deep in certain spots ( though certain stretches are very shallow ( in summer) and don't go above knees height. The river also is faster is certain areas. The rocky area can also be slippery. Additionally, certain side river access trails can be "steeper" and you'll need to carry your belongings with you down towards the river which can be challenging while also managing kids. That being said, it's easy to make several back and forth trips since most of the trails lead to the river in less then 1/4 of a mile.

Wilson River at Keening Creek

Have you been the Wilson River at Keening Creek? Add your thoughts on this adventure to help our community of adventurous PNW families! Let us know in the comments below!

Have you been to Wilson River at Keening Creek? What did you think? Let us know if the comments below! Do you have an awesome Pacific Northwest family outdoor adventure you want us to feature? Email us and make sure you follow us on instagram here!

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